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Join us to learn how the Cobalt platform can help you:

  • Launch a pentest in 24 hours
  • Collaborate with pentesters in real time
  • Reduce time to remediation with integrations
  • Tailor pentest reports for all of your stakeholders
  • Retest fixes, for free
  • Improve your security posture over time
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The main benefits that we get from Cobalt are speed, scalability, and repeatability. We’re able to quickly launch and execute pentests; and beyond that, we’re able to see individual findings in real time and relay them to the engineering team so they can start triaging immediately.

Eric Galis
Eric Galis VP of Compliance and Security at Cengage

Join us and discover how to:

  • Launch pentests in days, not weeks with our intuitive SaaS platform and team of on-demand security experts
  • Accelerate find-to-fix cycles through real-time collaboration with pentesters
  • Integrate into your SDLC with Jira and GitHub, or use the Cobalt API to sync with your developer teams
  • Close the remediation loop by submitting your fixed findings for unlimited free retesting
  • Customize a variety of report templates, including a customer letter and an attestation, to best suit your audience
  • Mature your security program through a scalable, data-driven approach to pentesting

Meet your Pentest Experts

Greg Anderson
Head of Sales Engineering @Cobalt

As the Head of Sales Engineering at Cobalt, Greg’s team of sales engineers collaborate with internal product teams as well as prospects and customers with a focus on delivering penetration testing solutions that solve customers’ real-world security challenges at scale. With extensive experience across numerous Cyberecurity disciplines including, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management, Compliance and comprehensive Security Program Management; Greg speaks with authority on security best-practices and how to integrate a Pentest as a Service model into your current pentest and DevSecOps processes.

Luke Doherty
Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer @Cobalt

As a Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer at Cobalt, Luke is engaged with internal product teams and customers to assist with documentation, education, and best practices. With a background in Network Engineering, Vulnerability Management, Compliance, Security Program Management, and SaaS Platform Operations, Luke is excited to discuss the Pentest as a Service model and how it can improve an organization’s posture as a whole.